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Jupiter opposite Saturn

Wait it out

Kelli Fox

Your self-confidence could suffer during this transit. You might be thrown into a quandary of feeling like you haven't exactly done the right things in your dating life, but you're not sure where you went wrong or why you are where you are today. Your optimism about finding that special someone could wane, and you might think you should be more cautious about going out on dates with new people.

Just try not to make any firm decisions at this time, regardless of what you're thinking, because your judgment isn't at its best now. You might think you should go in one direction when really you should go in another, and it won't be clear until later. This transit lasts about four months, which is a long period to feel so indecisive; but you'll just have to wait it out. If you've been getting involved with someone special, you could start to feel some tension about the responsibility you feel toward this person; your feelings for them might start to cool at this time, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the relationship. It just means this is a trying time that's meant for self-reflection.

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