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Jupiter opposite Pluto

Overly attached to your own opinions

Kelli Fox

You might have trouble reaching people during this transit. Maybe things haven't been working out as well as you'd like in your romantic life; if so, during this four-month transit, you're likely to defiantly keep doing things the same way as you have been, because you won't want to admit there's any room for improvement in your methods. If you're interested in someone special at this time, you could get obsessive about them -- especially if they don't return your interest.

Or you might go on a date with someone new and special, only to promptly turn them off to you because you're overly outspoken, too attached to the way you see things and unwilling to listen to another viewpoint. In some way, the energy of this period will make you overconfident to the point of stubbornness and arrogance or even aggression, and no one is attracted to that kind of energy. Try not to let yourself go overboard; remind yourself that yours is just one perspective on the world. You're also very emotionally sensitive at this time, so when it becomes clear that you're not having the best effect on people, it could really hurt your feelings.

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