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Jupiter opposite Neptune

A very appealing dream

Kelli Fox

You're very gullible during this four-month transit, and you could be taken in if you go out with people who aren't good for you. People who try to take advantage of your good intentions will likely get their way during this period, because you'll buy any story hook, line and sinker, as long as it fits in with your fantasy of the love you're looking for. You probably won't experience this transit as anything less than a fun period full of hopeful signs and opportunities; you might meet someone you're really into, and you'll have all kinds of fantasies about where the relationship is going to go.

But you've got a blind spot to trouble, emotional issues and even just people whose intentions don't match up with yours. You could go out on a good first date and think that a second date is naturally going to follow -- but at the end of the night, your date says a friendly goodbye, making it clear they won't be calling you. And you could still hope for the best with this person! That's just the kind of head space you're in now -- you are basically avoiding reality, because the dream you've come up with is so much more appealing.

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