Jupiter opposite Mars

Kelli Fox

With Jupiter opposite Mars you’ve got an excess of energy during this transit, and about a thousand ideas of how to use it. The pitfalls of this four-month period should be obvious! You’re like a little puppy now — full of energy and ready to get into all kinds of trouble.

If you go out with someone, you might spend way too much money and stay out way too late, making it hard to get to work in the morning. If they’re the type of person to push the limits, you’ll really get up to some craziness — which will be fun, sure, but not the best idea in the world, especially if you’re looking for a real connection instead of just a fast-paced, heady flirtation. It’s possible, actually, that your date will get serious faster than you will, and they’ll be pushing for some kind of commitment, or at least a routine in your getting-to-know-you melee, while you’ll be struggling for as much freedom as you want to get out there and flirt it up with lots of different people. On the other hand, you’ve got an extra dose of self-confidence now. If you’re used to being shy when it comes to dating, you can use this boost to come out of your shell and really make an impression.

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