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Jupiter opposite Jupiter

Practice some self-restraint

Kelli Fox

You're feeling very confident during this four-month transit -- possibly overconfident. You've got an increased sense of your own attractive powers, which is great when you're trying to get a date, but you might go overboard. You might be going out with more than one person, and overcommitting yourself socially; this possibility is likely, because you're feeling restless and you might not want to tie yourself down to just one romantic possibility.

If you do make a fun romantic connection and then your potential sweetie gets a little too attached, you're likely to rebel against it. You just want freedom now; you don't want to be held down by anyone, even someone you find attractive. Another possibility is that you could come on a little too strong, and make that special someone think you're arrogant instead of just sure of yourself. Either way, this period is likely to be both a lot of fun and a potential headache. Exercising a little restraint would be good, but might be easier said than done. If you can keep a handle on yourself and your appetites, you could emerge from this period rich in love and self-knowledge.

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