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Jupiter opposite Juno

A learning experience

Kelli Fox

You're looking for someone special with whom you can connect not only romantically, but at a deeper level, the level where your core values and your innate spirituality lie. But this four-month transit could present some obstacles to making that connection happen with someone. You might be attracted to someone special during this period, but it's likely to be more for the differences between you than the similarities; and in the end, having two extremely different value systems will make it hard to forge a lasting commitment.

You need to feel at least somewhat on the same spiritual plane as your long-term lover, but the people you'll be drawn to at this time will probably be on very different pages of life's book than you. So don't expect too much out of any relationships you start at this time. Take them for what they are -- learning experiences, a chance to connect with someone who's radically different from you. It's fun and interesting to talk with people who live by a different set of rules, and even to try on their values for size in your own life. But anything more long-term than that is unlikely, and you wouldn't do well to convince yourself otherwise.

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