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Jupiter conjunct Venus

Old friends and new ones

Kelli Fox

Your social life will take a big step up during this period, because you're very much in the mood for mixing and mingling. Old friends and new ones with potential are both high on your list; you might throw a party and get intrigued by that hottie one of your friends brings along, or you might go out with pals and end up chatting up someone new and cute. You really want harmony and fun activity in your love life now, so this is a great time to reach out and get to know someone new.

Even if you don't start a new relationship, you'll make a new friend, which is just as good in a different way. If you do start a new romance during these four months, which is likely, it should be an unusually good one! The energy influencing you now pairs love with freedom; if you get involved with someone new at this time, you won't hold each other back. You'll learn together how to adore and support someone without dragging them down with petty jealousy or possessiveness. You won't pick fights over small, unimportant stuff; you'll reserve your concerns for the larger issues. If you need to talk things over with your sweetie, you'll be able to do it tactfully and successfully.

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