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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

Finding your lost youth

Kelli Fox

This could be a really fun few months for you, but you might get yourself into some trouble at the same time. The energy of this transit is all about freedom -- at any cost. You're in an expansive mood; you don't want to date just one person, you want to get out into the world and make contact with all the pretty people out there, everyone who's just ripe and ready to be plucked!

You might even experience a sort of renaissance period during this time in which you go a little wild, reliving your former youth. You might be very averse to doing what you're 'supposed' to do, even if you know you're not acting right according to your own morals of dating and relationships. Clearly, this kind of behavior could hurt someone's feelings if you're not careful. You're very attractive now, because of this wild energy that pulses within you, and you could mislead someone, making them think you're developing a really special connection with them when in reality, you're playing the field. Do be aboveboard about your dating activities. Don't let anyone think you're being exclusive with them if you're not. Have fun, but not at anyone else's expense.

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