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Jupiter conjunct Sun

Feeding your soul

Kelli Fox

This transit is rare indeed -- it comes around less than once a decade -- so its four-month burst of energy should definitely be enjoyed! You do have to be active about reaping its positive benefits, however. If there are other, stronger transits at work for you now, this one will just help you to feel good and not stress too much over whatever hard work you need to do at this time.

But if you try, you can really make things happen with the help of this energy. You feel good, healthy and strong and optimistic. The truth is, you're breaking free of some old cycles; consciously or unconsciously, you're doing soul work now, and that feels really good. So why not include someone special in your personal party? If someone catches your eye during this time, you'll have a wonderful and inspiring time with them, even if it ultimately doesn't turn into a long-term thing. Since you're learning so much about yourself, a great date would involve learning more about the world around you and your place in it. Take that potential sweetie to a yoga or a cooking class, and learn something together that will be a lot of fun and benefit you both for years to come.

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