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Jupiter conjunct Saturn

On the road of change

Kelli Fox

During this four-month transit -- which only comes around every twelve years -- you're full of ideas about how you want to reorganize your life in terms of work and play, in looking for love and also looking out for number one. You're mindful now of your inhibitions regarding love and romance, and how they have held you back from finding the love you're looking for. Now is the time to move past all those old hang-ups that no longer have anything to do with who you are as a person, or where you want to go in your life.

Bravo! Good for you! This is hard work that you have ahead of you, but it's the best work you could do. The question is, how will you do it? If you try to break free in a forceful way, you could end up doing something rash, like breaking off a perfectly good connection with someone special just to force change. Slow, considered change is a better idea at this time. You can make this transit a trauma-free time of growth if you go about it slowly and deliberately. After all, you don't have to end an existing flirtation to make room for a new way of connecting with a potential sweetie.

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