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Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Susceptible to sob stories

Kelli Fox

You've got such a strong sense of idealism and compassion during this four-month transit that you could end up attracting the wrong kind of person. It's a wonderful thing to be so sensitive to other people, but you'll be overly susceptible to sob stories at this time. You might go out on a date with someone that you'd normally cross off the list at the end of the night, because their emotional issues will be very apparent from the start.

But during this period, you'll be very sympathetic to their problems, and you'll want to go out with them again so you can help them -- you might even fantasize that you're their new personal savior, who will change their life through the right combination of love, support and encouragement. Well, sure, that's possible, but don't you want mate who's good to go? If you can avoid going for someone who's full of emotional baggage, you could start a very beautiful and overwhelming romance during this period. Another word of caution is in order: even if your new sweetie doesn't have emotional problems, they're still a human being. You could be disappointed in a few months when their flaws start to show.

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