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Jupiter conjunct Mercury

Making good decisions

Kelli Fox

You're optimistic about your future now. Whatever insecurities you might have had about your love life will seem insignificant during the four months of this transit, which comes around less than once a decade, so take advantage of its beneficial energy. You're in a great position to make plans, because you feel so certain and confident that things are going to work out for you.

Even if there's no one special who has caught your eye recently, you still feel confident and optimistic that someone really great is right around the corner. It's this kind of positive thinking that really makes things happen. Positive imagery is a real technique for bringing about wonderful things in your life, and you'll do it naturally during this time. If there is already someone special that you've been getting to know, this period could mark a gentle but significant deepening of your relationship. You're in a great position to talk deeply, and make good decisions for yourself, ones that will positively affect you for years to come. Anyone you're attracted to during this time is likely to be intelligent, well-read or -informed and very interesting.

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