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Jupiter conjunct Mars

Activity is the name of the game

Kelli Fox

Your energy is high, you're feeling strong and healthy, and you should definitely get out into the world with someone special. Since getting physical is one of the best ways to use your energy during this four-month transit, ask that hottie to play Frisbee with you, or take a yoga class, or play on your volleyball team. Working up a sweat together will put you both in mind of another way to get heated, which is a very sexy state of mind indeed -- pre-satisfaction, when you get to fantasize about it all you want.

Ah, wonderful romance! Even if you're not the sporty type, you can still take advantage of the great energy of this transit by simply being proactive about your love life. Join an exercise class to make you feel more confident about your looks and your physical appeal, and then make contact with that special someone you've got your eye on. Any type of action should bring great results for you now; you're able to put a real push on things. And since this transit comes around less than once a decade, you should make the most of it. It marks the beginning of a new twelve-year cycle, so start it off right by getting active and getting to know someone new.

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