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Jupiter conjunct Jupiter

A new and positive beginning

Kelli Fox

This transit is rare, and its effects are usually beneficial, so you should take notice of the good people and opportunities coming your way at this time. If you strike up a new romance during these few months, it's likely to be with someone who is very good for you. Whether that means they will treat you well, teach you something important about love or about yourself, or even end up being the love you've been looking for remains to be seen.

Their positive influence in your life might be subtle, and it might take awhile to notice. But if you can tune in to the subtler vibrations of your life at this time, you'll notice that things are going very well for you indeed. Even if you don't find a great date or new love interest, you can still have a wonderful few months just getting out into the world, mingling with all the fun and interesting people you'll meet, and learning more about yourself and your needs in love. This should be a time of freedom and expansion, not restriction; so if you make a commitment to someone during this period, it will be a loose one that allows you both plenty of room to move and grow within your own lives.

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