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Jupiter conjunct Juno

Someone of a like mind

Kelli Fox

Be on the alert for interesting people of a like mind during this four-month transit, because this period will highlight your desire to find a mate -- a long-term lover whose values and ideals will match up with yours. During this time, your chances are definitely increased for finding just what you're looking for in love. You're attracted to people who are spiritually and philosophically on a par with you, so if you go on a date now with someone who just doesn't match up with you on that level, you'll probably say a friendly goodbye and move on.

That's just as it should be; you're looking for something real now, not something that you have to stretch yourself and your beliefs to fit into your life. That kind of focus and commitment to your goals and ideals should yield great results. Even if you don't find someone truly special during this transit, you'll at least narrow down your prospects. So don't feel bad about moving on if you feel that someone attractive and interesting isn't the best match for you; you're doing the right thing if you make a decision with your own future and best interests in mind.

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