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Juno trine Venus

Love is in the air

Kelli Fox

If you've been feeling at all discouraged about the state of your love life, good news -- things are about to pick up. Even if your voicemail and your Inbox have been empty, all of a sudden, the emails and calls will start coming in. Suddenly, there are opportunities knocking at your door, and all you have to do is reach out and grab hold.

Accept any and all invitations that come your way, because you never know where you might meet your extra-special someone -- but parties and other gatherings are a good bet! So are art galleries and painting or dance classes, because you're especially attracted to grace and refinement now. You may think that what you've found is just that -- an attraction to physical qualities that you could find in just about anyone -- but then your feelings will start to deepen, and you'll realize that what you've actually found is love. All you have to do is sit up and take notice, so by all means, get out during this period! Staying home alone would be a mistake. While love will figuratively come knocking at your door, it probably won't happen literally...unless you're the one throwing the party, of course!

Juno trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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