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Juno trine Uranus

The best of both worlds

Kelli Fox

Finally, someone who appreciates you for you! That's what you'll think during this transit, when you make contact with that special person who not only doesn't look askance at you when you say something funny or odd -- they actually laugh and tell you how interesting they think you are. That's right, this transit is all about being loved for the things that make you different from every other person on this planet.

It's about finding a relationship that excites you, instead of just one that feels comfortable or safe. It's about taking risks in love that pay off, for once -- like committing to that quirky, unusual person who excites you down to your toes, the one who is reaching out to you, asking you to join them in the adventure of a lifetime. Commitment won't feel restrictive to you, not when it's to someone who's as unique and special as you are. Perhaps for the first time, you'll understand how two people can grow together instead of apart, giving each other plenty of freedom and independence even while developing their intimate connection with each other. This transit could bring you a bond that's both constantly changing and enduring.

Juno trine Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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