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Juno trine Sun

Like a flower in the sun

Kelli Fox

This transit is the perfect time to get close with that special someone. In fact, moving the relationship to a new level, or even making a long-term commitment, is a big possibility at this time, because the energy is right for intimacy; for the baring of your soul to another in a wonderful way. That special someone will make you feel incredibly yourself -- seen and appreciated in a way that will make you shine.

If you begin a relationship during this period, you'll really notice how this person seems to understand you down to your core, right from the start. You'll feel like a flower unfurling its petals beneath the warmth of the sun; like new leaves opening in the spring. If this happens to you, take note! And don't be surprised when this new flirtation progresses to something long-term and really special. That's just the kind of energy influencing your life now; you've got your eye out for that special person who's about to come on the scene and take big-time notice of you. And if this transit passes you by without someone special entering your life, take heart -- you've come closer to finding true love just by thinking about it, and by opening your heart to the possibilities of the universe.

Juno trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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