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Juno trine Neptune

Transported to another realm

Kelli Fox

Your ideal lover could be right around the corner, because the energy of this transit opens the doors in your heart to true love -- the mystical, intuitively connected variety, no less. This is the period of time when your dreams come true, because you're so especially attuned to love. You'll reach out to your sweetie at a much deeper level than ever before; you'll understand them and their needs intuitively, and you'll respond with sensitivity and an abundance of love.

So what if you're idealizing them and the relationship? It's okay -- ideals teach us what we're striving for, and in your case, at this time, you're striving for an amazing love connection that will transport you and your honey to another realm. You'll think of them, and then they'll call; you'll dream of them at night, and wake up with them in your arms. Since this is one of the sweetest of experiences, it won't be a surprise if you and that special someone step up your relationship to the next level, or even commit to each other on a long-term basis. With the kind of care and adoration you're putting out into the world, it would be a wonder if you didn't get a similar response!

Juno trine Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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