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Juno trine Mercury

The right signals

Kelli Fox

This transit is likely to coincide with a new, significant relationship entering your life. Look out for the person who makes you feel like speaking up, even if you're normally rather shy with new people; the one who makes you want to open up, with whom it's easy just to speak your mind and be yourself. The energy is ripe for a deepening of love and communication, and you'll want to get closer with that special someone when you start to notice the easy exchange of intimacy between you.

They'll be the last person you want to talk to before you go to sleep at night, and the first one you think of when you wake up; you'll think of them all day, in fact, and plan funny stories that you want to tell them or questions that you want to ask them about themselves. This is a time to get to know someone through communicating yourself on both a verbal and intuitive level. So if you get a strong feeling about someone you're just getting to know, pay attention. If you feel like real love and intimacy are a possibility, you're probably right! Your instincts are humming and you're picking up on all the right signals.

Juno trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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