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Juno trine Mars

All the right moves

Kelli Fox

You're making all the right moves toward love during this transit. Your path has been cleared, and you're pushing forward in the game of love with confidence and courage, beating out the competition and closing in on your goal! This transit is all about reaching out and taking hold of opportunities in love.

If you can stay on your toes and keep your eyes open, you'll pick up on something wonderful -- something that could turn into something really special, down the line. So don't stay home with the cat; get out on the town. Go to parties, mix and mingle, because your charisma and confidence are on high. Your personal power is like a beacon to your admirers, shining out at them. More than that, you're acting on your desire to find true love. You're not waiting for it to fall in your lap; you're realistic enough to know that a great relationship requires not just a little work once you're involved in it, but a little ingenuity and determination to get it going in the first place. With that in mind, you'll do what it takes to make it happen. Don't worry about missteps; even what you might worry are mistakes are likely to lead you in the right direction at this time.

Juno trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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