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Juno trine Jupiter

One great conversation

Kelli Fox

Whether you're conscious of it or not, you're on a search for a partner in life and love who will be your match on levels that go beyond simple emotion or attraction. You want an intellectual and spiritual partner as well as a lover; someone who challenges you on those levels and opens your eyes to universal truths that you'd never have thought of on your own. The time is right during this transit to find just that kind of mate.

It will start with a great conversation -- an email that opens your eyes up to something new, a phone call that makes you laugh but also perk up and tune in, because here, finally, is someone who challenges you; someone who's on the same quest in life as you, to find truth and meaning in human experience. From there, you'll fall in love. How could you not love that special someone who's so intelligent, and who makes you feel just as smart and insightful? You'll know that this is the partner you've been looking for, the one who will stay up late with you theorizing about the universe, the one with whom you can grow as a person and as a couple, instead of growing apart. And it all starts with one great conversation.

Juno trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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