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Juno trine Juno

The real thing

Kelli Fox

This period is one of the best when it comes to opportunities for true love. You know what kind of partner you need, and even better, you're able to reach out and grab hold of them when they walk by. This transit is about love and opportunity; it's about making the long-term happen by not letting a chance at the real thing pass you by.

And it's about compatibility with that special someone, which can easily lead to something stable and committed. Your sweetie will just make you feel good; you won't have to worry about where you stand with them, whether or not they like you, because they'll tell you constantly just how much you mean to them and how glad they are that they found you. And you'll tell them the same, because it's true -- true love is hard to find, and when it does come your way, you're the luckiest person in the world at that particular moment. That's how you'll feel during this period: as if the universe has opened up to you and is showing you its sweet, warm, pulsing heart. You'll recognize this as a sacred gift and treat it well, because you know how long you've been in the game, looking for love! Finally, you've got a great chance to find it.

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