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Juno square Uranus

Restless from confinement

Kelli Fox

If you get involved with someone special during this transit, one of you is going to have a problem with committing. Will it be you or them? It could go either way, but odds are, it'll be you who makes the commitment but then immediately starts to feel restless.

You may think a long-term bond is what you want, but once it happens, you'll just start feeling...itchy. Confined. And not too pleased with the restrictions this new arrangement puts on your freedom. Depending on other, concurrent transits, you'll either stew internally about this, which won't make you the greatest company in the world, since you'll be touchy at best; or, if there's a more actively rebellious energy at work, you'll start doing things that you'll regret later, like blowing off dates, staying out way too late and so on, all in a bid to proclaim your independence. Another possibility for this transit is that you'll make that commitment with your sweetie, only to find that you were mistaken -- either about the bond, the agreement or that special someone, who all of a sudden isn't so special anymore. Whatever happens, it'll probably be uncomfortable, and will call into question whether your relationship is really meant to be.

Juno square Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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