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Juno square Sun

A square peg into a round hole

Kelli Fox

You might try to make something big happen with that special someone during this transit, but don't expect too much -- like a commitment or a declaration of love -- because the energy of this period is holding you back from that. Even if you think you really, really want something long-term and stable, something in your personality is still rebelling against that. You might try to hook yourself up with someone who just isn't right for you, or who sends you the vibe that they'd really like you and be willing to commit if only you'd change certain things about yourself.

Don't fall into that trap! Sometimes, if you have to struggle for it, it just isn't meant to be. If you're getting the feeling that you should alter parts of your personality in order to get the love you crave, then you should take a step back and look carefully at this picture, because something's very wrong with that idea. You deserve to be loved for exactly the person that you are, and you should look for a mate whom you can love that freely as well. If a commitment with someone feels too much like a challenge to who you are at your core, then it's not worth it.

Juno square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Micaiah on October 13, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    Look once I was drawing a chart for my boyfriend with quintile aspects so like a star on the face of it…..and somehow the symbol of juno appeared on the upper right quadrant arm of the star. i was living in a tent in the woods with my ex who i was very very devoted to and vice versa. But after he looked at the symbol he flew backwards, his solar plexus, throat chakra, and 3rd eye chakra all went cold as well as the arm on his body that the symbol had appeared on. From that point on our relationship became extremely problematic, almost nothing but abuse. He began hearing things I wasn’t saying and an inhuman fury arose in him that I had not seen before.
    We were ride or die and now he has ruined most of my life and reputation so I broke away from him.
    But I do not understand how this happened. Please help with anything you can say. I dont understand why the gods would cause that kind of affect.

    Also what must be important is that the symbol of juno appeared exactly within the orb arc of a 90 degree square from my boyfriends quintile aspects….one square point landed directly on the degree of my sun 6.38 pisces….

  2. Kelli Fox on October 14, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Sorry to hear. That relationship sounds very karmic. I hope you’re doing OK now.

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