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Juno square Mercury

False assumptions

Kelli Fox

You might misread that special someone's signals during this transit. You'll think they're saying they're in the same space as you, wanting and hoping for something long-term, but really, they're telling you that they're just in this for some casual fun, and it's not going to go anywhere beyond that. Or maybe you'll be on the opposite end of that: You keep telling them you just want to have fun, but they keep hearing wedding bells and the cooing of lovebirds.

Another possibility at this time is that you and your sweetie will both think you've finally found it -- that long-term, steady, sweet love you've both been looking for; but really, you're misreading each other, and you're not involved with the person that you think you are. Arguments will become more and more frequent between you as you try to make yourselves heard. However it manifests itself, the current energy makes this a bad time to make a commitment to anyone. You can be pretty certain that you're not reading a situation correctly, or maybe your date isn't; but either way, there's a block standing in the way of understanding, and any decisions will be made on false assumptions.

Juno square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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