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Juno square Mars

Call a spade a spade

Kelli Fox

You might get into a relationship during this transit and move toward a commitment as you get to know each other better and better; but a commitment in itself isn't what you should strive for. A real relationship is what you really want, with someone with whom you can be yourself; a natural, easygoing bond that's intimate and sweet. But during this period, you aren't likely to get involved in anything so laid-back as that.

You might become intimate with someone and even reach the point of commitment, but your bond will be fraught with arguments and power plays. You'll both want to be the dominant partner in the relationship, and how is that going to work? You'll have a hard time cooperating with each other on even the littlest things, like choosing which movie to see or where to eat dinner. And these are the problems that only get worse, the longer they go unaddressed. You could start feeling like your special someone really isn't that special, because all the sweet things about them get submerged under the difficulties of the relationship. Instead of pushing things to that extent, it may be best to call a spade a spade.

Juno square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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