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Juno square Jupiter

Not what you expected

Kelli Fox

Crises of confidence regarding relationships and love could dog you during this transit. Perhaps you'll think a relationship is moving toward a commitment, but then it ends suddenly; or maybe you'll get involved with someone for whom you have really high hopes -- This is the one, you'll think; finally, they're here... Only to find that you're not involved with the person you thought you were.

It's probably not so much that they misrepresented themselves, either; it's much more likely that you came into the relationship with an ideal in mind, and you shaped your vision of that special someone to fit the image you had in your head. That's a natural thing to do, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship, but some relationships can't survive the comedown, when you realize that the reality of the situation pales in comparison to what you had in your mind. You could feel really disappointed once you start thinking things aren't going as they should, and that disappointment in itself could spell the end of the relationship. After all, if you can't get over the feeling that you wanted something other than what you got, it's hard to appreciate what you have in front of you.

Juno square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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