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Juno square Juno

A chance of disappointment

Kelli Fox

You have long-held ideas about what you're looking for in love, the qualities you hope to find in a long-term partner. It's possible that you'll connect with someone in a deep way during this transit and make that commitment you've been seeking, but you may not experience this deepening of your relationship as the special, transcendent bond you've been hoping for. It's not necessarily that this person isn't worth your time, though that may be true; but it's also possible that your disappointment is due to things not going the way you planned.

Planning things out in your fantasies before they happen in real life is one way to ensure that you'll be disappointed with the reality of the situation, once it finally occurs. If you're feeling expressive, you might speak up or even start an argument about it. That won't be pleasant -- for either of you -- but at least it will clear the air, making way for a compromise, if there is one to be found. It's also possible, though, that even though you really want a commitment, this just isn't the relationship that's going to last long-term. If that's the case, arguments won't get you anywhere.

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