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Juno sextile Venus

The right time for love

Kelli Fox

You're in the mood for love, and the universe is in the mood for you to find it. Even if you've had trouble in the past with finding dates that you're attracted to, dates who seem to be a good bet romantically, this transit should change all that. All of a sudden, doors that were closed are standing wide open, with a welcoming committee at the entrance.

Where there seemed just recently to be no chance for love is suddenly full of possibility. You'll meet someone, and you'll just click. You'll love the way they smell, and they'll love your laugh; you'll see them and feel a little rush in your belly, one that speaks louder than words. You'll be attracted to their good taste, their refined manners, their artistic sensibility; and while this normally wouldn't be enough to base an entire relationship on, this time, it works. You'll look at your sweetie all goo-goo-eyed, and you'll know -- this is the real thing. Don't be fooled by a relationship that starts in pure physical attraction, because even a connection that seems basically shallow can deepen quickly into a real feeling of affection and care. Under the influence of the current energy, that's just what is likely to happen.

Juno sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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