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Juno sextile Uranus

A lover that gets you

Kelli Fox

You know the kind of partner in love who tries to discourage you from letting your freak flag fly, the kind who frowns on quirky, spontaneous behavior or unexpected flights of fancy? Well, great news -- that's not the kind of relationship you're likely to find during this transit! Instead, you'll find that other kind, the special kind, the kind in which your sweetie laughs in delight at your more unusual qualities and asks for more.

That special someone will understand your quirks and appreciate your spontaneous side, which could make you feel more seen and heard than ever before. Any relationship you get into during this transit will excite you, and better yet, it won't be the unstable variety of excitement that flares up fast and then burns out. No, this will be sustainable excitement, the kind that will make you want to stick around for more. How to spot this extra-special person? They're the one who will make you feel more uniquely yourself than ever. They're the one laughing at all your jokes and leaning forward when you tell your stories. They're the one who tells you you're interesting, the most unique and unusual and intriguing person they've met in a long time.

Juno sextile Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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