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Juno sextile Sun

Like old friends

Kelli Fox

That rare occurrence could fall into your lap during this transit -- a relationship that simply flows, easily and naturally, toward a commitment. You'll meet someone new, or perhaps you've already been getting to know them; either way, you'll connect with them like an old friend. That necessary spark of attraction will be there from the beginning, too; you'll just tune in to this person, and they'll tune in to you.

They'll make you feel seen in a brand-new way -- down to your core, as if they have a magical ability to just get who you are and what makes you tick, without even knowing you very well. But it's not magic; it's simply the rightness of two people who click really well together. Maybe it's that you've had similar upbringings, so you speak the same language; maybe you've got similar outlooks on the world, so you have no trouble understanding where the other is coming from. Whatever it is, the result is the same -- a relationship that feels natural and right. You'll talk easily, and the intimacy you'll share will feel like the most spontaneously normal thing you've done in a long time. If this happens, hold on to it! It's both rare and special.

Juno sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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