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Juno sextile Neptune

The sweetest fantasy

Kelli Fox

You could meet someone now with whom you have an almost telepathic connection. You'll meet up with them -- or perhaps you'll just start with exchanging emails -- and right away, you'll feel as if you know and understand them down to their core. And with understanding, often, comes love; to bond that deeply with someone and reach them at such an intimate level really clears the path for some incredible feelings.

There's a strong likelihood that you'll idealize your lover, but that's okay; it will just serve to intensify your feelings for them and your commitment to the relationship. You may start to experience incredible coincidences: Maybe you'll reach for the phone to call them, only to hear it ring -- and it's them on the line; or you pick up your cell to send them a text message, just to let them know you're thinking of them -- and find that they've just texted you, telling you the same thing. If this starts to happen, take it as a sign that something very deep and special is occurring! Your new relationship is likely to live up to your sweetest fantasies of love, even if it looks, from the outside, like any other romance.

Juno sextile Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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