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Juno sextile Mercury

Reading all the right signs

Kelli Fox

If that special someone puts you at ease during this transit by encouraging you to relax in their presence and really open up, chances are good that you'll fall for them, hard and strong. The energy that's flowing at this time encourages verbal and intuitive exchanges that lead to love. You'll meet for coffee, end up chatting and laughing together all the way through lunch and on into dinnertime...

And by the end of the evening, you'll feel connected at the soul with this person who has so subtly worked their way into your heart. Or maybe it will start with an email -- a really funny, insightful, delightfully self-deprecating message, maybe, one that makes you laugh out loud while a little spark of interest goes off in your gut, telling you that this is someone you really want to get to know! And then it only gets better from there. So pay close attention to your instincts during this period, because they're pointing you in the right direction for love. Your highly-attuned intuitive skills are helping you to pick up on signals you might otherwise miss, such as a strong mental connection that could lead to the real thing.

Juno sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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