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Juno sextile Juno

A natural step

Kelli Fox

Even if it's the snowy, chill dead of winter outside, in your heart and your mind, the air is sweet and warm with promise. Why? Because the time is ripe for true love, and finding the long-term lover of your dreams has never felt so possible.

Finally, your needs, your fantasies and the reality you're living in match up. You'll go out with that special someone and feel the rightness of your bond, and stepping the relationship up to the next level will feel as natural as holding hands. It will start out with a simple connection. You'll laugh at their jokes, they'll show interest in your stories, and you'll realize that you've found someone with whom you're really compatible. Then things will just progress quite naturally. You'll have everything in common with this new, wonderful person -- or else you'll just love the differences between you. Every email you exchange, every phone call, every date or meeting -- every time you're in contact, it will just underscore the fact that you're right for this person, and they're right for you. A commitment will be easy, and exciting; it's a gateway to the next phase of your life, in which you'll strive to keep your relationship as sacred as it is now.

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