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Juno opposite Venus

Not the right time

Kelli Fox

There are several possibilities for how the energy of this transit will manifest itself, but none of them is likely to lead to the love you're looking for. To boil it down to the basics, you're just not looking for love in the right places. Maybe you want to find a stable, committed relationship, but you keep dating around, giving all those special someones the feeling that none of them is all that special.

Or maybe you'll get close with just one special person, but the more intimate with them you become, the more you start to feel like it's all wrong -- this isn't what you're looking for after all, not by a long shot; and you'll feel like the only thing left to do is run. Part of the problem with this transit is that you won't really know what to do. All you'll know is that nothing feels right. You'll think you're developing something really special with that cutie who's caught your eye, and then they're just not so cute anymore. Or, worse, they don't think you're very cute. Or maybe the attraction is there and all the signs look good, but you just can't stop feeling jealous, or annoyed, or misled... Whatever happens, try not to let it get you down. This just might not be the right time for love.

Juno opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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