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Juno opposite Uranus

Forcing yourself into a box

Kelli Fox

During this transit, don't even try to settle down with that special someone. Unless they can keep you on your toes with constant moodiness and fluctuations in their level of intimacy, you just won't feel comfortable with the relationship. On the other hand, a relationship with someone whom you can't depend on emotionally won't go far anyway.

You need plenty of space now, and the thrill of constantly new experiences and sensations. Trying to settle down in a traditional, sweet bond will only feel restrictive; you'll soon be bored to tears, ready to tear your hair out if only it will save you from the monotony of conventional love! You'll probably react badly to any perceived restrictions or conventions in your relationship, by trying too hard to shake things up. Sudden breakups could occur, or you could misbehave in the pure attempt to shock and agitate both your lover and the status quo. Needless to say, even the strongest of bonds would be tested by these conditions. Even if you think you want a commitment, everything you do will be acting against that, so you might do best just to stop trying to force yourself into a box that feels restrictive.

Juno opposite Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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