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Juno opposite Sun

A struggle for acceptance

Kelli Fox

Getting into a serious, committed relationship during this transit isn't the best idea, simply because no matter how sweet this person is or how close you might feel to them, something about getting involved in a stable, long-term way will make you feel like your very personality is being challenged. You might not notice it at first, if you're excited about the decision to take the relationship to the next level; but then you'll start to feel restless. You might stop wanting to hold their hand in public, or shy away from cooing at each other like lovebirds, because all of a sudden, you're conscious of your independence slipping away.

Or maybe it'll be even more serious and overt than that -- perhaps your special someone is a critical type who commits to you and then immediately starts sending you signals about all the parts of your personality that they wish you'd change! And that's no fun, to feel as if you're not being accepted for who you are. You should strive for a love that's as close to unconditional as possible, so if you get in deep with someone who makes you feel as if you're not good enough as you are, take it as a sign that the bond between you isn't as special as it should be.

Juno opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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