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Juno opposite Saturn

Concerned with security

Kelli Fox

During this transit, you'll be overly focused on the importance of stability in your love life -- to the point that you might stay in a relationship that's not the best, simply out of a need for security or companionship. That's no reason to commit yourself to someone; there should be a real foundation of appreciation, support and love between you before you even consider a long-term commitment. But you're in a vulnerable space at this time, and finding someone -- anyone -- might seem more important than finding someone with whom you really connect.

For this reason, you could find yourself involved in a relationship with a person who's not very exciting, but boy, are they dependable; someone who's much older than you, perhaps, but who treats you like a child -- a child who can't take care of itself. For the time being, this will actually be appealing to you. But sooner or later, you're going to realize that you want a relationship with someone who's not only your equal, but who excites you rather than just making you feel secure. For now, though, security is your main concern in a committed relationship, which means you could get into something you'll later want out of.

Juno opposite Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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