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Juno opposite Pluto

Degeneration into obsession

Kelli Fox

What starts out as an incredible, compelling and alluring bond with someone special could turn into something else entirely -- something that's way too much for you to handle. A strong sexual bond could turn into a domination fantasy on your part or your partner's; either way, it won't be the physical expression of two souls connecting, but rather an expression of one person's urge to utterly dominate and control another. Arguments and intense power plays could weaken what was a powerful connection.

The truth is, you'll feel dominated from the start by this person; you just won't label your feelings as such, because they're more like obsession. Being obsessed with a new person in your love life is an exciting experience, until it goes too deep and overwhelms your entire life. If you can't think of anything but them; if you feel as if you're starving until you can feast your eyes on them again, you can be relatively certain that things are out of whack, and need to get back into balance, fast. Don't make a commitment to your lover if you get into something obsessive or possessive with them -- even though committing will feel like the obvious next step.

Juno opposite Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

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