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Juno opposite Neptune

Willfully ignoring reality

Kelli Fox

You might think you've found the perfect, ideal love affair during this transit, but the chances are slim that the person you're connecting with so intensely is really who you think they are. Making a long-term commitment could feel inevitable now, but later, you'll realize the mistake you made, and it could be heartbreaking, if not just disillusioning. You're not perceiving things clearly at this time; everything you're picking up on about that special someone is being filtered through some incredibly specific fantasies -- ones that exist only in your own head.

You've made up your very own version of the ideal relationship, and at least at first, when you look at your sweetie, all you'll see is perfection -- the person you've been waiting for to join you in romping hand-in-hand through the sweetly-scented meadows of your imagination. But this is a real person you're getting involved with, not a figment of your imagination. That means they have their own needs and agenda, ones that won't always match up with yours. They might not even be into making a commitment, at least not yet! It will be hard for you to see them as they are, and not as who you wish they were.

Juno opposite Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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