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Juno opposite Mercury

All turned around

Kelli Fox

Your instincts could send you strongly in one particular direction during this transit in your search for love -- but sooner or later, you'll find out that you headed in the exact opposite direction from where you needed to go. For that reason, this isn't a good time to make important decisions in the name of love, whether it's about taking a relationship to the next level or ending things to make way for someone new. The problem is, you won't read the right signals during this transit, or you'll misread them.

You'll think that special someone is exactly the person you've been looking for, and that you have an incredible intellectual connection, only to realize later that you've really got very little in common in terms of how you view the world and how you think about things. Or, you'll overlook someone who keeps trying to make contact, thinking they're not your type and therefore not worth your time -- but if you'd just give them a chance, you'd find that they're just what you're looking for in terms of an intellectual partner, someone who will encourage you to open up to them and get intimate at a deeply communicative level.

Juno opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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