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Juno opposite Mars

Time to back off

Kelli Fox

During this transit, it might start to seem like no matter what you do in the name of love, it's always the wrong move! And in fact, you may be right. You're not playing your A game when it comes to dating; you're acting on impulse, and your impulses are off.

Are you misreading the signals? Operating from an overly selfish position? Choosing the wrong person, or not paying attention to the kind of energy you're putting out? It's probably the latter, but whatever the problem might be, you'll notice that what seems like a promising start with that special someone will quickly turn into an annoying power play -- often with you in the position of grasping for power, and your potential sweetie eyeing your machinations with tepid interest at best. Arguments might become a normal part of your new romance; no matter how hard you try, you might not be able to stop yourself from challenging everything your honey says and does. A big part of the problem is that you won't know you're behaving this way, even if some brave soul brings it to your attention. If one flirtation after another goes nowhere at this time, take it as a sign that you need to back off.

Juno opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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