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Juno opposite Jupiter

Overlooking love

Kelli Fox

You may be searching too hard for that ideal lover who will challenge you spiritually and intellectually while stimulating your body and warming your heart. The problem is, your standards are so high, at least during this transit, that you'll overlook the real-life opportunities for love that come into your life. Instead, you'll keep looking up at that distant goal, thinking it's just on the horizon, getting nearer and nearer all the time; and like a mirage, it will keep receding from you instead of getting closer.

Of course, at some point or other you may even think you've found it. You might get involved with someone and make a commitment to the relationship, only to find that you start arguing over your philosophical or spiritual beliefs on a regular basis, because you can't stand the differences that exist between you on those levels. You might also unwittingly attract dates with people who are always on the make, whose constant outlook in life is for the next big opportunity or scam -- which can be wearing. But it's more likely that you'll simply overlook the opportunities that are in your lap for ones that you've basically invented on the horizon.

Juno opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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