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Juno conjunct Venus

Opened up to love

Kelli Fox

This period could mark the beginning of something that's more than romantic, more than attraction and flirtation and fun -- you could find the love you've been seeking. Your very molecules are attuned to courtship, but more than that, you'll seek out a soul with which you can join your own. Fun, attractive people will seem to just fall into your lap!

(Literally? That remains to be seen...) Possibilities for love are everywhere, and you're in the perfect space to reach out and grab hold of them. You'll impress a date with your natural charm, and both of you will start thinking of the possibility of something long-term. Just make sure that you don't have romantic attachment fantasies about anyone and everyone that you come into contact with. This transit will really intensify your urge to merge with someone, and you could create a deep connection where normally, there wouldn't be one. It will be hard not to romanticize whatever relationship you're involved in, so think carefully and pay attention to your gut instincts to figure out whether or not you've found the real thing. On the other hand, this energy opens you up to love, so chances are good that it's real.

Juno conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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