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Juno conjunct Sun

Essential love

Kelli Fox

A relationship could enter your life during this period that will cause you to really sit up and take notice. You've been thinking about love for so long that when it actually arrives on your doorstep -- or in your email inbox -- it might really surprise you! And all of a sudden, here's this amazing person in your life, and each day that you know them, you only like them better.

A commitment feels natural under conditions like these, and that's just the kind of experience that this transit will bring you. All of a sudden, you're spending all your time together; you only really feel like yourself when you're with this person. The commitment you've made to that special someone becomes something natural, essential, and the relationship you share begins to be absorbed into your very personality, until being involved with this person is as second-nature to you as breathing, or eating, or sleeping. And that is the thing to watch out for here: that you don't lose your sense of individuality in the relationship. Making a commitment to love is a wonderful thing, but it needs to be balanced with preserving your own personhood.

Juno conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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