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Juno conjunct Mercury

Mental stimulation leads to love

Kelli Fox

You'll be attracted now to people who can think and talk with ease, people who are good communicators and intellectual types. Someone will really catch your eye for their well-worded email or an interesting phone conversation you'll share, and the more you talk and trade ideas, the deeper you'll fall for them. When you're out on a date with someone new, you'll feel a surge of attraction and possibility when they keep you laughing all night.

This period is all about finding love through words and ideas -- which could mean you'll fall for the idea you have of that special someone instead of the reality of them, so be careful of that. But in general, this should be a stimulating period that could lead to something really important and lasting for you. After all, a meeting of the minds is one of the most important things to have in common with a long-term lover, and this transit will make it even more likely that you'll find it, since that's where your focus will lie. This transit is also the perfect time to think about love, and focus on your ideas and attitudes regarding commitment. Defining your goal is the first step toward attaining it.

Juno conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Kathy1512 on October 16, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    What about when you have this conjunction in your natal chart ?

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