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Venus trine Venus

Good for the Soul

Kelli Fox

Any problems or issues the two of you may have been experiencing of late should be alleviated by this warm and affectionate period. And if things have been rolling along smoothly in your relationship, then this period will only serve to underscore the sense of love, affection, attraction and trust that you share. Good feelings abound this week; you both want nothing more than to enjoy each other's company and revel in the bond that you share.

Staying home together, cooking, laughing and relaxing, would be a wonderful way to spend this time, as would getting together with friends. You're both in the mood for a party now, in fact, so accept all invitations that come your way. Laughter, after all, is good for the soul, as are togetherness, community, fun and romance. You should definitely take it easy together now. Your energy isn't so much low as mellow; you're less in the mood to go play a pickup game of soccer together than to lounge around, enjoying good food and drink, or just cuddling and enjoying the sensations you can bring each other through caresses and sweet murmurings of affection.

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