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Venus trine Sun

Reaffirming Your Bond

Kelli Fox

You two are in the mood to spend time together and with friends, enjoying your connection and making each other happy. This should be a really nice week! No, you probably won't get a lot done, but that's fine for now.

You're both feeling very loving toward each other, and it's good to indulge that feeling -- since so often it can get submerged beneath all your day-to-day duties and worries and the little tribulations of life. Now, you can just enjoy each other's company. This is a great time to go out on a date together, or to stay in -- or invite friends over for a dinner party. You could even make some new, fast friends together, because you're both at your charming best now, and as a duo, well, you'll make everyone laugh and feel completely at ease! And when your friends leave for the evening, you two will have a great time cuddling up and getting romantic. The sense of attraction and affection between you is strong now, and you should indulge it. Don't worry about cleaning the house or doing the dishes; those things can wait. This period should about the two of you, reaffirming the very wonderful and satisfying bond between you.

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