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Venus trine Saturn

Solidly Bonded

Kelli Fox

This week is about getting in touch with the more refined and serious side of your relationship. You can talk out problems and quietly reaffirm your deep, loving feelings for each other, and solidify your commitment. You're both feeling even more loyal than usual, and you're grounded together in a warm, sweet feeling of togetherness.

Your minds are attuned now to things of value; you might invest together in a business, furniture, jewelry or property, as long as it's something that you know will only increase in value. Neither one of you is interested in something flashy but fleeting just now, and that goes for the relationship itself as well as whatever products or services you're eyeing together. Instead, you want quality and longevity. You're both sensible enough at the moment to know that, like any long journey, your relationship will hit some bumps in the road from time to time; your connection won't always feel as genuine and heartfelt as it does right now. But it's times like these that prepare you for those future moments of doubt. You'll be able to look back on this week and remember what it feels like to be so truly bonded, so solidly together.

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